Pristine Cabin Cleaning, LLC. - We are the exception....
"Professional cleaning service with a personal touch...
Pristine Cabin Cleaning is very thorough in their services provided.  They have always been reliable and I highly recommend them to cabin owners who rely on their housekeeping services to maintain their property without worries.  Tashia and Shamus do an excellent service of maintenance and cleaning for our cabin, Awesome View."  - Jackie Watts- Florida
"I want to thank you for your quick response time on cabin maintenance.  For example, Christmas Eve when the guest arrived and there was no heat.  Your company responded very timely and made my guest feel comfortable that the situation was being handled.  For the record, it was not the cleaners fault or responsibility to handle this situation.  The propane company missed us on automatic fill program.  Tashia and her team is very good and responsive no matter the time or day.  Thank you for always having my back.
MarySue Drysdale, Owner Cloud 9-Kentucky"
" Another 5 STAR review!! Thanks for all your hard work!"
Paul and pat
"Tashia and Shamus are the best! They are easy to work with, diligent in their work & responds quickly to any problem that may arise from our guest.  I would highly recommend Pristine Cabin Cleaning". -Paradise View-Ken Hobbs- Florida
"Thank you Pristine Cabin Cleaning for giving us our vacation back!  No need to bring your own cleaning supplies if these guys are handing the housekeeping!!  Immaculate property!"
Satisfied guest-Arkansas
"In January of 2012, our property management company was sold to another property management company and we faced starting again with a new company for the fourth time in eight years.  We had always thought about renting on our own; however, bing six hundred miles from Pigeon Forge, we didn't know who we could trust.  An associate recommended we talk with Tashia and Shamus Glynn.  After talking with Tashia for 10-15 minutes, we knew she was someone we felt comfortable with and could trust with our cabin. Renting on our own and signing up with Pristine Cabin Cleaning were two of the best decisions we have made in 2012!  Recent guest have commented how nice the cabin looked when they arrived.  When we visited in Mid-March, the place was spotless!!  Our cabin needed a couple of minor repairs and Shamus made these repairs.  We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Pristine Cabin Cleaning". -Bob&Jan Thelen- Lansing Michigan
"This is THE company to use if you want "peace of mind".  Your property will be left in "PRISTINE" condition.  Shamus and Tashia Glynn provide us with the best of both worlds.  Their business is operated with professional scheduling and cleanings are handled on time with impeccable service.  The results "WOW" our guest."
Kenneth and Myra MEA Property Management, LLC
"Worry free with Pristine handling our cleaning needs"-Beverly Jackson-Mississippi
" Pristine Cabin Cleaning, Shamus & Tashia, have been outstanding in every way.  When we have had a last minute reservation, they have been there to get it ready at the last minute.  Always easy to contact.  We are very pleased.  On many occasions we have recommended Pristine to other cabin rental owners and all have ha high praise for their services.  This one word I would use for Pristine Cabin Cleaning is "Reliable".  And that is the most important word....right?" -Gordon Good- Tennessee
"We stayed in April 2012 and the place was IMMACULATE.  It was spotless, not a speck of dust or dirt anywhere.  We loved it so much, we called the owner and extended our stay another day!!" guest testimony per owner of License to Chill- Chris &Sharon Powers-Tennessee
"Take it from us, this is the best company by far for cleaning and maintenance.  We have owned our cabin for 13 years and have been through many many cleaners.  We were switching every few months because we couldn't find someone that really cares about our property.....Until we stumbled upon Shamus and Tashia.  Their company has been an answered prayer for us.  We are very blessed to have found them."
John and Nancy-Alabama
"We have been vacationing in the mountains for years.  Everytime we stay with a different company.  This is our first time staying in a cabin cleaned by your cleaning company.  Thanks to them, we were able to enjoy our vacation without having to start it off cleaning.  We will definately ask from now on who does the cleaning, and if it's not Pristine Cabin Cleaning, we will not be staying there!"  -Satisfied guest-Georgia
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